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BALI.............the best of the bestest


all seasons in one day 32 °C

From late Feb to early March, we had 2 weeks in wonderful Bali. I cannot begin to describe how wonderful that country is. However, I will try to share a few memories. We started off staying 5 days in Ubud at an amazing place called Alam Jiwi. I can only say that if you google it, the pictures shown are exactly like it was.
The most peaceful serene oasis to start our holiday. We stayed in the Casawara Room and overlooked the stream and the rice paddies. We had the largest apartment/room/balcony/bathroom that we have been in to date! The only small disadavantages were that internet was not good (for 3 days anyhow, then they did something) and that the room had no TV. I know, I know....but a little distraction would have been nice. The breakfasts that were part of the package were freshly made and very very enjoyable. You can only shop, eat and read for so long!

While here, we decided to take the trip and climb the volcano, Mt. Batur. We arose at 2:30, met our transport and travelled for an hour or so, arriving at the parking lot around 3:45 to start our climb. We were assigned a climbing guide, whom of course, I have now forgotten his name! He was such a good chatty lad and I am sure he saved my life several times. We walked and walked and finally arrived at the base of the volcano where we started our climb. Wow, that was a climb. Have you ever done the stair climber for 2 hours....having to watch for your next step all the time....oh, and using a flashlight too!! Yep, there were many times I wanted to just quit but what was the alternative....going back down the steps!! So, the guide took my hand and assisted me about half way to the viewing point. It was tough and at times, I needed to stop for a break...BUT...those 20 year olds who didn't want to stop for a breather....ya, well, we passed them further up...HA! HA! At the top, our guide cooked us an egg sandwich in a little hut and along with the rest of the morning's climbers, we watched the sunrise. It was really nice! After our break, we took to working our way down. I thought this would be the easy route..........NOT! Going down can be just as hard as going up...oh, my poor knees! We finally made it to some somewhat level broken down ash and continued downhill....however, walking downhill on tiny rocks can be just as tough and you must be careful! IMG_5298.jpgIMG_0477.jpgIMG_0478.jpgIMG_0480.jpgIMG_0482.jpgIMG_5308.jpg

We enjoyed our adventure and it was very interesting to look back at the volcano that we climbed once the daylight approached. Walking in the dark can be pretty deceiving and maybe it was a good thing it was dark when we started. It was fairly tough for this old lady!!

We didn't visit the Monkey Forest cause every walk downtown took us by the perimeter of the Forest and we saw enough monkeys to last a lifetime. We didn't need to go in where they jump on you and steal your baubles..lol Off to Sanur

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The trains

sunny 25 °C

So realizing that Melbourne is a huge city and that we are leaving 45 minutes to the east of the heard of Melbourne, we decided to take the train to the heart............Flinders Street Station. We had a dinner planned with our good friends, Joseph and Jane and also Mary and Dominic whom we had met during our Italian Escapade back in 2011. As I was saying, as we had a reservation for 6 (the heart of the traffic), we decided to would take the train. Off to the train stop at Heatherdale, topped up the MYKI cards with the help of another lady passenger and boarded the train to Flinders. I am late in writing this so I do not remember her name but we had a very enjoyable ride talking trips with her. She had lived in Alice Springs and had been to Uluru and Cooper Pedy. We had decided to put this on our "next years" to do list and drive rather than a quicky fly trip so it was very enlightening.

We had a wonderful dinner at a little Italian restaurant with some amazing food down very near Flinders. Great time. After we proceeded back to the Station and the seasoned travellers that we now are...ahem...got on the train and proceeded home. However, about 4 stops from Heatherdale, I believe it was the Box Hill stop, we were all told we had to get off as the train could not go further east as there was a fire near the train stop at Blackburn and we would be taking buses. HUH....well, we followed the group and trust me there were quite a few people! Anyhow, after at least 40 minutes of waiting, I made it on a bus which proceeded to go a route which of course, we didn't know. Thankful for kind people, they told us where to get off! Getting off the bus, we looked around and had no idea which direction to walk to find the Heatherdale train station. I was kinda frantic (we were at a big intersection, it was dark and we were disorientated as to where to start walking). I yelled at a young man who had got off the same bus and was walking away and asked where the station was....he was kind and directed us the opposite direction that he was walking...wow! All turned out well and we eventually found the carpark for the train station and got home safe and sound......MORAL OF THE STORY.........when you get thrown a curveball, lean into it!!


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The east side of TASMANIA

So where did I leave off. Sometimes when you are super busy and low on internet time it is hard to blog. But..here goes and I will try to catch up.

We made it to wineglass bay and hiked up to the view point along with several bus loads of people who spoke a different language? and were kinda pushy. It was quite a sight. Hopefully i can upload the pics as the internet here is pretty sketchy. We overnighted in Borneo (or something like that) and hoped to watch the penguins come ashore but to no avail. Guess they knew some Crazy Canadians wanted to see them. Back to Launceston and visited the famous cataract gorge. Wow,it was a gorge for sure! Took the hike up to the dam and power station. It was the first power station in Australia and built in about 1870.

Back to Melbourne and we were hosted by our friends who we met on our previous Italy trip in 2011.

4CE5E2F22219AC68174033C8CF5993FE.jpg4CE090DE2219AC6817AD5DF70020144B.jpgWine glass bay, TASMANIA

Wine glass bay, TASMANIA

Spikey bridge

Spikey bridge

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Down south to Hobart

sunny 30 °C

58E067692219AC681778F31909633CAD.jpg58DF5EE72219AC6817B061EDFAA753D3.jpg58DE17652219AC681726CCC45A004832.jpg58DCEF012219AC6817905A6CE0D1E2A1.jpg58DBFEE62219AC681794ED0CECF26BD7.jpg58DB2A542219AC6817910A926F26B258.jpg58DA2DFE2219AC681735233CF501458B.jpg58D97B072219AC6817D8B9DBD4F9BFB8.jpg58D7DAF92219AC6817F4EC81406E6E1D.jpgWe arrived in Hobart on Friday night after a very exhausting trip from the north west side of TASMANIA. The road is paved al the way with the occasional smal town along the way, however, it is the windiest roller coaster of a highway that we have ever driven. John was pretty tunnel vision after that drive as you can't see but the next curve ahead and trust me those curvs are mostly tight. At Larobe we stopped on wed and went to the sprint car races. They were really very good and we quite enjoyed them. Spent the night in Devonport and continued on to Somerset where we went to an art maker store where local artisans were showcasing their work and working all in one. Was very interesting and we also made some roo poo paper.

Then we were on the road south. We stopped and viewed Cradle Mountain later took a short nature walk to a viewpoint. We had plans to walk to Nelson falls but, fire prevented us as the trail was closed for safety reasons. We did see the areas of the forest when the fire had burnt across the highway however it appeared to be mostly under control and the caution was for safety purposes.

Once in Hobart and situated at a Best Western, we proceeded to the docks. Had a great monster plate of fish and chips. Now that was fish!

Yesterday we went to the famous Salamanca markets. There were over 300 market stalls of Tasmanian made and designed products. It was busy busy as a cruise ship from Auckland had docked the night before but we still managed to elbow our way around and buy a couple things. We have to be careful what we purchase as we are travelling with backpacks this trip and we already had our scissors and johns knife take away at airport. I had everything packed in 100 ml containers and then forgot to take out the sharp objects. But, the security were unbelievably kind to us and he even told me I could mail them home....well, I mailed them back to Deans house. If my scissors hadn't cost 100 dollars or more years ago, I would have chucked them but it will be nice to have them....must remember to leave them in Melbourne when we go to Bali.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Richmond which boasts the oldest Catholic Church in Australia and the oldest bridge.

Today we are off to Coles bay and Wineglass bay.....quite famous!

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Around the island we go

sunny 34 °C

Well after a wonderful week in Melbourne, we have arrived in Launceston, TASMANIA for a round the island driving tour. Dean lives in the outer suburbs and has a wonderful view of the Dandenong ranges as pictured below.
View of Dandenong ranges

View of Dandenong ranges

Today was so windy and hot, it was nice to be mostly in air conditioner areas. Had a first today too, our plane aborted the landing just before we touched down as the wind gusts were making our landing very rocky. We accelerated back up, did a circle and had a near perfect landing.

We have rented a little Kia Rio. It's awesome except the steering wheel is on the wrong side and I keep going to the wrong door...lol. John is managing the driving very well except he isn't giving me enough time to get the gps on my phone ready. When we do, we get around great. Once we are out on the higher ways, it will be easy peasy, I am sure.

Below are just some variety of pics...
270_7404CD592219AC68172CCAA364B219FE.jpg270_740350F32219AC68173E355D41EE76DF.jpgParliament Building

Parliament Building




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